Friday, August 6, 2010

Poop Car

This new British car blows the opposition away - it's powered by human poo.

The Bio-Bug has been converted by UK engineers to run on methane gas.

Excrement flushed down the loos (toilets) of just 70 homes is enough to drive it 10,000 miles - a year's average motoring.

The two-litre VW Beetle convertible is said to be the first gas-powered car that does not suffer reduced performance.

Mohammed Saddiq of Bristol-based sustainable energy firm GENeco, which developed the prototype, says it will pave the way for a green motoring revolution.

He boasts that it drives like a conventional car and will "blow away" electric models.


~smelly sigh~

I don't want to be following that car...

Just an observation...

Craig Glenn

1 comment:

Gaelyn said...

What an excellent idea.

You wouldn't want to follow too close behind my big diesel truck either.