Thursday, May 21, 2009

I will not weep

I am going to attempt to make a point without getting bogged down with all the details. I know this will come back to bite me in the ars… but here we go.

Here is my premise: I am convinced that we as a nation weep for the wrong people.

I have chosen two subjects in the news to make this point; the treatment of terrorist and the crucifixion of Michael Vick. Look out toes I am about to step on some!

Let’s talk about what this is not. This is not a 9/11 tribute, I could never do that day justice. This is not about cruelty to animals, so back off PETA heads. This is simply a 10,000 foot view of how the media, driving by whatever forces that be, wish to promote their agenda to elicit an emotional response to further a cause. I will also point out that there has to be the rule of law and of course I in no way condone cruelty to animals. That being said here is my observation.

Are you really asking me to feel sorry for the terrorist? Really? ‘Cause you are not going to like my answer. On the one hand, I do not necessarily believe we should go around poking bamboo shoots up the fingers of prisoners and I really don’t think this is what they were doing. Do I feel sorry for the poor terrorist with a hood on being intimidated by a big mean dog? NOOOOO, I do not. So you can show that picture on the news all you want. I just close my eyes and see towers falling and trust me the pain I feel is not for the poor terrorist.

I am not a waterboarding expert and don’t really know all that it entails, but it certainly seems a damn sight shy of a having an exploding 747 shoved up his ars. Did we pour jet fuel on him and throw a match? I don’t think so. In short I am not above pushing some murdering terrorists’ buttons and inflicting a little discomfort in order to prevent another 9/11.

Michael Vick did a bad thing. If you ask me, he paid an appropriate price for it. I love nature and animals and this is evidenced by my nature blog that I spend so much time on. So don’t start on me with how the animals were treated. Dog fighting is wrong and a stupid activity for civilized humans to be involved with. However, if you ask me I find it very convenient that we can overlook fellow humans beating each others brains out in front of millions of people after they get their bets down. I know, I know, those people have a choice, but stay with me. I agree that dog fighting is wrong and we shouldn’t do it and we should punish the ones that do. I just wanted to drop that thought out. Hypocrisy is the sliest of all human failures and so easily overlooked.

Now back to Michael and what the media would have us do with him. Should he be allowed to play football again? Are you kidding me? If this was some Joe Smo working down at the Wal Marts, who would really care if he was allowed to go back to work after he did his time. Leave the man alone. And if you think I am a Michael Vick fan, you are wrong. I couldn’t even tell you what team he played for and I have never seen him play. I am just tired of the media feeding on something that is over. The man seems to have learned his lesson and is volunteering his time to repay his sins to nature and society. Let him go back to work.

Yea, you say but what does that say to the children who worship sports heroes. Well it says this you idiot, they are just men and they make mistakes. When they do, they have to pay for them. If they are strong they will get back on the horse and carry on. Is that such a bad lesson?


So there you have it my dear reader. I will not weep for the terrorist. When a man pays for his sins and shows real repentance, who am I to put him on the cross?

Just an observation…

Craig Glenn

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

HEY, cut out that racket!

An 82 year old man from Goslar, central Germany, had reached his breaking point and called police to report his neighbors irritating music. At odd intervals, the same song would be playing over and over throughout the day. Police arrived to find a musical greeting card on the windowsill overlooking the neighbor’s house. The slightest breeze opened the card just enough to play the tune.


Why do those people keep singing Happy Birthday to me?

Just and observation…

Craig Glenn

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hey lady! Mind if I zapp your kid?

Sgt. Walter Schmidt of Carrabelle, FL after zapping at least two kids with a 50,000 volt stun gun for demonstration purposes, is most likely questioning him judgment now. Apparently, the Department of Corrections Secretary is not. He has been fired. Sgt. Schmidt has been reported as saying that the parents gave him permission to shock the kids during thier "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" event.


Sure, go ahead, zapp ‘em! I could use the money…

Dumb ars…

Just an observation…

Craig Glenn