Monday, September 14, 2009


Lets talk about the ever popular LOL shortcut used all over the world and in several mediums.  I know I am guilty of abusing and thus destroying the meaning of this most useful of cyberspeak.  But how many times do we really laugh out loud?  I will admit for my part, that it's not as many times as I type it.  In fact I am sure there are times when I don't even smile, or grin, or even think about laughing.  It has become an automated response to what you imagine the person on the 'other side' wants to hear.  What does this make us? Liars? Well I don't think it's all that dramatic, but still it can be quite an over reaction to an otherwise slightly amusing comment.  Besides, when we really do laugh out loud, what are we supposed to do? Type LOL (really)? Well it's now longer a short cut, is it?
Well mama always said, don't just point out the problem, offer some kind of solution; so here are some suggestions:

MA: Mildly Amussing
LIMH: Laughing in my head
LQTM: Laughing quietly to myself
NF: Not Funny
NECTF: Not even close to funny
And to kick LOL up a notch...
ITIJPM: I think I just pissed myself


Remember to practice and tell your friends.  (I am such a trend setter in the bloggin' word)

Just an observation...

Craig Glenn


Sunny said...

You forgot: LTBP Laughing to be polite.
Sunny :)

♥ Braja said...

I'm going to use all of them :))

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

LOL!! VF!!

Gaelyn said...

It took me forever to even remember what LOL meant. I don't do acronyms well. Guess I just like the spoken language. But how about adding BAC=brings a chuckle? or NF=not funny

scot said...

so, it's all been a BFL(big fat lie)!!!

Here is an average yahoo message session between me and my brother:

SCOT: Morning
CRAIG: lol
SCOT: How was your weekend?
CRAIG: lol
SCOT: mine was fine, thanks for asking. I mostly did yard work. the lawn mower was acting up, so I tried to clean the blade and cut my ring finger off.

CRAIG: did you read my latest blog?

Shadow said...

sheeesh, it took me forever to figure out what lol meant... and i don't like it. what about.... heee heee heeeeee???

GutsyWriter said...

What great abbreviations you made up.I have NEVER and I mean NEVER used LOL, because it sounds FAKE, as you said. So I'm one of the authentic ones.

Kim said...


♥ Braja said...

I came back to remind myself...:)))

jane said...

just found your blog. and LYSOH... love your sense of humor. will be back. can i use the smiley sign?...:)

Craver Vii said...


Say Craig. If you're from Florida, where was your profile pic taken?

...just an inquiry.

Craig Glenn said...

Kind of a personal question there Craver! LOL just kidding. Well you see I lived a very sheltered, never got more than a long car ride from home southern boy. I have been to a few places but I can count those trips on one hand. (ok maybe i would borrow a few fingers from the other but not many).

My girlfriend and I went to Co last year and I got to ski on real honest to goodness snow! (M would say skiing maybe stretching it a bit, but I call falling down a mountain on two stick skiing!)

So this was taken on the top of Breckenridge and I like it 'cause it is most likely the last time you will ever see me there! (Yes the ski patrol was involved in getting me down the mountain shortly after that shot!)

I better not see any LOL's in any comments about this!

Craig Glenn

Maureen McHale said...

We call this picture, before "the incident"...But, I'm still thinking that this would be more appropriate for this post:
RDTMWMGLAM = "Rolling down the mountain while my girlfriend laughs at me." Who knew a South Georgia boy couldn't snow ski? And, here I thought that black diamond was pretty easy. Maybe you'll enjoy our cruise next month a little more? No snow, I swear...