Thursday, May 21, 2009

I will not weep

I am going to attempt to make a point without getting bogged down with all the details. I know this will come back to bite me in the ars… but here we go.

Here is my premise: I am convinced that we as a nation weep for the wrong people.

I have chosen two subjects in the news to make this point; the treatment of terrorist and the crucifixion of Michael Vick. Look out toes I am about to step on some!

Let’s talk about what this is not. This is not a 9/11 tribute, I could never do that day justice. This is not about cruelty to animals, so back off PETA heads. This is simply a 10,000 foot view of how the media, driving by whatever forces that be, wish to promote their agenda to elicit an emotional response to further a cause. I will also point out that there has to be the rule of law and of course I in no way condone cruelty to animals. That being said here is my observation.

Are you really asking me to feel sorry for the terrorist? Really? ‘Cause you are not going to like my answer. On the one hand, I do not necessarily believe we should go around poking bamboo shoots up the fingers of prisoners and I really don’t think this is what they were doing. Do I feel sorry for the poor terrorist with a hood on being intimidated by a big mean dog? NOOOOO, I do not. So you can show that picture on the news all you want. I just close my eyes and see towers falling and trust me the pain I feel is not for the poor terrorist.

I am not a waterboarding expert and don’t really know all that it entails, but it certainly seems a damn sight shy of a having an exploding 747 shoved up his ars. Did we pour jet fuel on him and throw a match? I don’t think so. In short I am not above pushing some murdering terrorists’ buttons and inflicting a little discomfort in order to prevent another 9/11.

Michael Vick did a bad thing. If you ask me, he paid an appropriate price for it. I love nature and animals and this is evidenced by my nature blog that I spend so much time on. So don’t start on me with how the animals were treated. Dog fighting is wrong and a stupid activity for civilized humans to be involved with. However, if you ask me I find it very convenient that we can overlook fellow humans beating each others brains out in front of millions of people after they get their bets down. I know, I know, those people have a choice, but stay with me. I agree that dog fighting is wrong and we shouldn’t do it and we should punish the ones that do. I just wanted to drop that thought out. Hypocrisy is the sliest of all human failures and so easily overlooked.

Now back to Michael and what the media would have us do with him. Should he be allowed to play football again? Are you kidding me? If this was some Joe Smo working down at the Wal Marts, who would really care if he was allowed to go back to work after he did his time. Leave the man alone. And if you think I am a Michael Vick fan, you are wrong. I couldn’t even tell you what team he played for and I have never seen him play. I am just tired of the media feeding on something that is over. The man seems to have learned his lesson and is volunteering his time to repay his sins to nature and society. Let him go back to work.

Yea, you say but what does that say to the children who worship sports heroes. Well it says this you idiot, they are just men and they make mistakes. When they do, they have to pay for them. If they are strong they will get back on the horse and carry on. Is that such a bad lesson?


So there you have it my dear reader. I will not weep for the terrorist. When a man pays for his sins and shows real repentance, who am I to put him on the cross?

Just an observation…

Craig Glenn


♥ Braja said...

Good points Craig. And about children who "worship" sports heroes? Ask yourself this, parents: what the HELL are you teaching your children, when you allow them to idolize people jus because they play sports? What about "idol worship," huh? Ignore it if you will, but you fall flat on your arse if you allow it and the proverbial hits the fan, isn't that true?

Reap what we sow....

Craig Glenn said...

Well said Braja. Parents spend way to much time propping up their children with crutches and overlook thier faults so as not to offend them. That and many other things I guess. another blog post I think...

Thanks for your comments and for the visit.

Craig Glenn

Jennifer H said...

Our sense of justice is pretty skewed in this country. Vick has served his sentence, so it should be over. Doesn't mean anyone has to cheer for him at a game, but maybe he should be allowed to try to make it right in other ways, too, as you said he's doing.

And should he serve a longer term or be ostracized more than the average person because he's famous? Nope.

Craig Glenn said...


Thank you for the visit and taking the time to comment. Skewed for sure, that is true.

Craig Glenn

jeannette stgermain said...

Reading this blog post, I think you have a pretty balanced view on all points you brought up. I especially agree on sports heroes.
And I can't wait till the (most of the) media gets exposed for how they manipulate/skew the truth!!
Saw your title on Joan's blog, so I got curious:)

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I guess I am going to be wrapped over the knuckles too Craig.

There are certain things I cannot abide and have no tolerance for, one of the biggest being cruelty against another human or animal. Depending on the severity of the case, I think that a little Chinese torture is not far off the mark and in some ways, would gladly mete out the torture myself.

I have a problem with the media too, they blow things out of proportion sometimes for the sake of sensationalism, especially when it is a famous person. In other instances, a man can hack a family to death and it hardly gets a line or two because he is an unknown. I NEVER by a newspaper as you cannot believe even half of what is written in them.

What happened to this world of ours? Is everybody just out for their own self-satisfaction and gain? What happened to the old values which worked pretty well back in the 60’s?

Ah, it is good to be old and know I will not be around in 20 years time to see what it is like then!!! Where does the problem stem from? PARENTS!!

david mcmahon said...

There are many sides to sporting heroes and sometimes the lives they lead fall way short of what we define as the norm.

Just because they are sportsmen or women does not mean they are above the law.

Maureen McHale said...

Hey Craig,
Good post. Of course I HAVE to comment on what's called YELLOW Journalism. In today's failing newspaper economy the "stuff" that gets printed is all for shock value to "hopefully" sell a paper. It's written to evoke emotion and sell advertising space. Not to report an unbiased news story.

As for kids and their sports, entertainment and other "heroes" that even a REAL problem? For me it goes back to your parent saying..."If Sally jumped off the bridge, would you too?" COME's another excuse parents can use to BLAME others for their poor parenting. "My kid shot up a classroom and killed a teacher because he played those viloent video games! He smokes because he saw a movie star smoking..." Yeah, I'm not buying it. And you know damn well our parents wouldn't have used that "logic" either.

Anyway bottom line - report the truth, deal with the consequences or receive the praise of your actions and move on...and that includes allowing ANYONE who served their time to move on with their life...and get a job, be it Walmart or a NFL player. What do they expect Michael Vick to do now anyway, become a PETA spokesperson, open a dog shelter maybe? Get real!

Abe Lincoln said...

News is "driven" by advertising dollars. What gets in the news is voted on in a newsroom by a group of people called editors. You are only permitted to read what the newsroom editors want you to read. If it sells its shown. My biggest problem with the news is the news. How many times have little old ladies complained about the good news not being presented? Good news doesn't bring in ad dollars. War does and it has a side benefit of keeping factories going, paychecks in pockets and food on the table.

scot said...

My dearest brother. I saw your picture and the title and must admit, I thought you had finally feel off your rocker. You take on the Govt, Peta, Terrorist, Vick, NFL, and the Media all in one blog.

You have way more tact that I. You worded your statements carefully not to offend, yet make your points.

We have seen many times the difference in media. Read one article on CNN and then read the same article on FOX, if you don't believe me.

Luckily I believe in God and his word has not changed in over 2000 years. He has the mercy and grace where I do not. He will not torture the terrorist, but rather judge them and he will forgive those he chooses to forgive.

Ok, so now I have just thrown in religion into your blog...I thought it was lacking something. :)

Love ya!!!!

The Muse said...

You have decidedly made your points and made them quite well! matter where you "fall" on the issues...we, thankfully, do have the right to voice our opinion ! (and I am somewhat my opinions are aligned with yours)...

Braja brought up the one line that came to mind...We reap what we sow.

We can all be FORGIVEN, but the deeds are not FORGOTTEN.

I am most pleased, that you spoke your mind! And that you have chosen, NOT TO WEEP.

The Muse said...

Craig, you are titanium star, honed by life, both past and present~my friend.