Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An Observation in Nature...

Orange Blossom Special

The Orange Blossom Special is an old fiddle tune written by Ervin T Rouse in 1938. Written about a passenger train by the same name it is considered the best known fiddle song of the 20th centry. Known as the fiddle player's national anthem, it was often referred to as "The Special". A favorite at bluegrass festivals in the 1950's it became a staple song for all fiddle players. At that time if you couldn't play The Orange Blossom Special you couldn't be in the band.

Then the man in black came along and named his 1965 album after the song and did the song his way as Cash was apt to do with everthing. The fiddles were put aside and replaced with two harmonicas. He also sang the lyrics. This was not done by traditional bluegrass performers who played it strictly as an instrumental. The man in black, by the way, is Johnny Cash. Just occured to me that some people may not know that!

Why am I sharing all of these cool facts with you? Easy! Maureen and I spent some time at the local nursery last Saturday and I got some cool photo's of Orange Blossoms!

Here is a closer look. See the bug? Looks like a fruit fly but I am not sure.

Yes Joan, I didn't even know he was there until I downloaded the photo's and started playing with them! LOL I know I am hopeless!

Just an observation...



SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

LOL!! WHen are you ever going to learn that bugs come first Craig!! LOL!! I am going to repeat this lesson until you don't see anything else but bugs. Maureen will think yu have gone barmy!! LOL!!

These are terrific close up shots Craig. You did very well with them. So well in fact, I can almost smell them from here.

Interesting info on Johnny Cash but not being into country music, he is not listed amongst my favorites. (sheepish!!) Sorry!! (blush!!)Now me, blossoms always remind me of Nat King Cole "A blossom fell". There was music to stir my heart but it is probably too old for you to remember. LOL!!

Craig Glenn said...

LOL, thank you Joan! I have got to pay more attention to the bugs! I went back to the cemetary yesterday and looked through the clover.

Picture this, Here I am at the back of the cemetary on my hands and knees all bent over looking at clover. I am sure if someone saw me from the road they would swear I was crying my eyes out by someones grave! LOL

Anyway I was struck by how small those flowers were upon second inspection. The blooms were no bigger than a dime, Ooooo, just occured to me they may not have american dimes in South Africa... will have to think of another measurement... lets just say 1/2 an inch, or is it centemeters there, in that case about, crap, how many centemeters in an inch...

Those blooms are really small.

Now this comment is turning into another post...

Thanks for your faithful support Joan.


The Write Girl said...

Hey Craig,

I like the backstory on the Orange Blossom. Perhaps they have a sample of this song on youtube. I think I might check this weekend. Also, I like the photos of the flowers. Very cool how you detected the bug.

Take care

Craig Glenn said...

Thanks "Write Girl" for you kind comments. Glad you stopped by.


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

LOL!! You paint a funny picture there Craig. I have been caught with my behind up in the air while on my hands and knees photgraphing somethine. Then I just smile and people wonder what I have been up to. LOL!!

We have the same little florers here in our clover so I know exactly what size they are. Thanks for going back though.

Whether you use inches or centimeters, I am comfortable with both plus I have traveled extensively in the USA so am aware of the size of a dime. :)

I enjoy you blog Craig so you will always have my support.