Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where is the bail out money?

According to a resent article on the Orlando Sentinel:

“So many homes are in foreclosure in Orange County that elected leaders are preparing to spend another $1 million next year to mow grass and clear lots at abandoned homes.”,0,987631.story.

Please tell me it aint so!

If I do not mow my grass and clean my pool, you can bet your sweet bippy that the City will not hesitate to charge me or put a lean on my home, simply because I own it. So, when the bank seizes someone’s home because they can’t pay the extra $500 that snuck up on them after the first year or so, why is it not the banks responsibly to keep up the property they now own!

The poor homeowners were not bailed out! They were. You now have $700 BILLION dollars! Mow the GRASS!!! Throw some chemicals in the pool!!!

I am already paying to bail out the poor bank, now I have to mow their grass too!!!

Sorry for the outburst readers but this is just the sort of thing I started this blog for. Like the comic said, “you can’t fix stupid”, but I guess I can blog about it.

Just an observation...


scot said...

They aren't going to spend that money on what it is for. They will hire a professional lawn care service to cut their own 5 acre yard while they are gone on vacation to the Rivera.

The Muse said...

Go ahead and vent, question and demand...
We all should ( I think).