Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On a local note…

On a local note…

My favorite goto news site is I know this is an extremely local deal, but I have to say, I do not like the new website!!!!

What were you thinking? In what way was this better? was my staple for local news! You changed the site entirely and as far as I can see, not for the better. What is better???

I have fought very hard not to complain about the scroll down ads, because I get it, you have to make a buck too. I understand that change is the standard for all things internet, no really, I do. But this was too much. I can’t find CRAP now!


What’s up channel nine?

Just an observation…

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The Muse said...

I never saw the "old" site..
But if you the user can't find the NEWS...then yes, it is a bad makeover.