Monday, December 1, 2008

In these troubled times….

In these troubled times….

I know that there are a lot of people hurting right now. Jobs are tough to come by, money is tight, and now we are being told that we are officially in a recession. Tough times no doubt, but this whole thing has me shaking my head and wondering, what is going on? I am so fortunate to have a home to live in and groceries on the table, so I had to ask myself, how have these tough times affected me?

The first thing I could think of is how the poor oil companies were suffering and had to raise the price of gas to almost $5 a gallon. It seems that whatever drove there cost up over the last year was fixed. Gas is now back down to less than $2. Did oil drums get cheaper? I don’t know and I am no expert but it seems odd to me that for no reason at all I can fill up my tank for less than half what it cost just a few short months ago. Hummm, I am going to go with GREED, on this one.

Another big heartache on America these days seems to be the tragedy of foreclosures. Again, not an expert, but isn’t it funny that banks reinvented their products to get more money on the books by cooking up financing so more people could sign up for loans they had no hope in being able to pay, but not to worry, here’s $700 billion. Not for the people who were conned into these hopeless loans, but for the banks. I guess I will have to go with GREED, again.

Was it just me or did I just see where we had the president of the United States take time out of his busy day and pardon a turkey and then put him in a first class seat to Disney Land? I am sure that was cheap.

I see where we about to spend 1.8 Million to move the shuttle from California to Florida. They couldn’t wait one more day for the weather to clear?

In these troubled times I am again amazed at how Americans had to line up 48 hours before black Friday to spend there $340 Billion dollars for groceries, no wait… I mean healthcare…. no wasn’t that either…., oh well you get my point. Tough times….

Just an observation…

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