Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How many security cameras are at OIA?

According to, “A Florida woman insists that she saw missing toddler Caylee Anthony over the summer at Orlando International Airport and the child even uttered her own name.”

See the complete story here:,2933,461348,00.html

I know everyone desperately wants to find little Caylee Anthony alive. Of course, I do too. In this case or tip, wouldn’t it be easy enough to monitor all of the cameras at the Orlando International Airport for the day in question? This just seems like a no brainer to me. We know exactly what time she claims to have seen her and what gate and flight she took.

I want to believe, but this just seems so easy to prove or disprove. My guess would be that this has already been done. It wasn’t her.

Just an observation…


Darla said...

This is also a great blog and boy could I chime in on it. It's too close to bedtime and I have had two bud-selects so I would just keep getting mad! You tell them man!!!

Tina said...

A lot of people seem to have more than one blog...looks like you have the talent and the desire to blog several themes. I'm sure you will soon have a great following on this one as you do on your bird blog!

Craig Glenn said...

Thank you Darla and Tina for visiting! You are right Tina, I have about 10 themes bouncing around in my head right now. Trick is having time to do it. Can't quit my day job and blog, although it is a ton of fun!