Wednesday, December 24, 2008

For Sale: Snow Torch $30,000…

Stupid is as stupid does…

Are you bothered by the frozen snow and ice on your deck? Want to thaw it out fast for that Holiday get together? Look no further! Introducing the Snow Torch!

Really, what could possibly go wrong? Well, let’s ask today’s hero, a New Bedford, Mass., gentleman who hooked up a blow torch to a propane cylinder and proceeded to melt ice on his back porch. According to fire Capt. Scott Kruger, our brainiac winner of the day, got too close to the building’s wood frame and ignited the vinyl siding. Then it quickly spread into the building’s second and third floor apartments.

It took 25 firefighters to put the blaze out. What a way to start Christmas week. See the story as it was reported on


Excuse me; I have to go put locks on all my propane tanks. I live in Florida and somebody is bound to think this was a good idea.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Just an observation…


scot said...

lighter--$1.00, blow torch-- $500.00, White Christmas--A Dream, Burning down your house on Christmas eve--Priceless

The Muse said...

OH MY!!!!!
I just cannot even image the aftermath :(