Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The death of social networking...

and other fun things we enjoy.

Just when social networking was beginning to get my curiosity up, BAM, some lawyer had to go and ruin it for everyone. I began my journey in social networking mostly just to keep an eye on what my kids were up to on the internet. Who knew they were having so much fun? First I got all set up with a Facebook page. After a year or so of a whole lot of nothing happening with that, I started getting some activity and friends. Maureen and I call them our virtual friends, since we don’t actually have drop by the house for a glass of ice tea friends. But I ramble…

Then I had this great idea for a blog. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to do it on Facebook, so I decided what I needed was a blog. My idea was to share my journey to get healthy by blogging about my walks that I take everyday. The nature I saw each time I went out was hard to keep to myself. I started searching for blogs about walks, nature, bird watching, and cholesterol. It didn’t take me long to find great example to model after and off I went.

Now I am a small, but happy, member of the online blogging community and I am loving it! Enter stage left, the lawyer.

Evidently, the home foreclosure crisis is not limited to the USA. An Australian couple, who recently defaulted on their home, was adept at avoiding the foreclosure notice. Not to be outdone the attorney for the bank petitioned the court to use Facebook to serve the legal documents to the couple. Talk about a superpoke! Read more about this story here.

That is right, they found out they had lost their home through their facebook page. So let this be a lesson to all. Know who you friend on facebook. We must lobby to keep government and lawyers out of our social circles, even if they are virtual.


Enjoy it while it last my friends…

Just and observation…


The Muse said...

That is CRAZY....and YES I agree with you!!
scary stuff

jeannette stgermain said...

That's why I have repeatedly refused a blog on Facebook!!! I heard another story - someone wrote on her blog that the job interview she did was boring, or something negative like that, and she didn't get the job, because one at that company had read her blog!!