Thursday, December 25, 2008

Craig’s Hero of the Week…

It’s Christmas day. No matter what your belief is, I think we can all agree, today is about giving. In my home we thank our God for giving his Son. This post is not about religion, but about giving and how that can make you a hero in our age and sad world. It is also about a confession; my confession. I am crippled by my own need for perfection. If it can’t be perfect, then why bother doing it. This has been my great epiphany this year. Eighty percent of ideal is better than one hundred percent of good intentions.

I started doing some things this year, like this and other blogs, knowing it wont be perfect or maybe not all that successful, but I am doing it. I am learning and meeting new friends that I would have otherwise never meet. So, here begins another of my observations. A subject that is dear to my heart but woefully underdeveloped, helping others. Thanks for following along and I look forward to your input and encouragement.

Krissy Todd is a business woman in the Orlando area. Krissy is a mother of three and a successful business owner. A couple of years ago she was approached by a homeless couple and troubled for a bottle of water. A man and his pregnant wife, homeless and begging for water will pull at anyone’s heart. Krissy knew she had to do more. According to the Orlando Sentinel, that is exactly what she did.

Todd became disenfranchised with the “System” while trying to help the couple. No doubt the system is broken. So, our hero set out circumvent the system and do what she could. She emailed friends and associates and went to work. It is said that she accomplished more in two and a half years than many non profits manage to do in a decade. She created the Hope foundation that now has over 250 volunteers, a 4,000 square foot thrift store called Sonshine Community Thrift Store, a pantry that now feeds 1,000 families a week, and a mobil medical clinic!

I look forward to getting to know this organization to see what I can do to help. I know the system is broken and fraught with waste and abuse. I can’t let that stop me. It’s not perfect I know, but there has to be a happy medium between begging for water for you pregnant wife and a perfect system.

Just an observation…


dAwN said...

Merry Christmas Craig...
I do most things in my life without perfection...As a matter of fact when my sister and I get together and Paint or plant or make things...we call ourselves the Half ass sisters...tee hee.....we love what we do..but its not perfect!
So heres a toast see the beauty in imperfection! for in its is perfect .Doesnt mean we dont tweak things every now and then..
Have a wonderful Holiday and keep blogging..and set your nephew up with a site!

The Muse said...

Powerful...and rightly so.
Your observations...I daresay are valid and to me....engaging!

Strive to better ourselves and the world around us...
(I'm In!)