Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dying man not worth saving...

You never know who is listening…

That’s the lesson learned by two brainiac’s today in London. According to, two ambulance technicians were called to a house where a disabled man lay dying. Barry Baker, 59, had dialed 999 for help stating that he believed he was having a heart attack. He was unconscious by the time the ambulance arrived.

The phone line was still open with the 999 operator and recording. The police state that the ambulancemen were heard discussing Mr Baker and saying “words to the effect that he was not worth saving”. They were also heard commenting on the untidy state of the house and it was not worth bothering to resuscitate him. They even discussed how they would explain it to ambulance control and decided to say that he was already dead when they got there.

The two men were arrested a short time later and will answer for their callous uncaring actions. I truly hope they get what they have earned.

The article had these comments related to Mr Baker…

Mr Baker’s funeral has had to be delayed because of the investigation, but a memorial service is due to take place at All Saints Church in Patcham on January 16. Paul Newman, landlord of the Ladies Mile, where a wake is due to be held, said yesterday that Mr Baker was a popular figure.

“He used to come to the pub every Sunday morning at opening time. He arrived by bus and met friends here and together they played a few hands of cards. He did it every Sunday without fail and was a really nice chap.”


What was it Jesus said? The stupid you have with you always… wait that wasn’t it.

Just an observation…

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What was he thinking…

A new low in not thinking…

This is a hard post for me. I was actually physically sickened when I read this story and thought long and hard about sharing it with you. Mostly I just didn’t want to write it. The act of processing thought into words somehow makes it more real. I have read stories like this in the past and then just move on, trying to get it out of my head. However, the purpose of this blog is to share my observations on life as it unfolds before my eyes, to share my world through the filter of my own experiences and understanding. In this case, it will refer to my lack of understanding.

In Twin Falls, Idaho, Robert Aragon was taking his kids to their mothers house in his truck. According to officials the temperatures range from 27 degrees above zero to minus 5 Fahrenheit. It’s Christmas day. Aragon’s truck got caught in the snow. They are 10 miles from the mother’s home. This father sent his 11 year old daughter and her 12 year old brother out in the snow to walk the rest of the way while he and a friend tried to free the truck.

He never went to check on the children, nor did he call to check and see if they made there safely. They found the boy at a rest stop in his long underwear having discarded his jacket, shoes, and pants. He was delusional from hypothermia. He had walked 4.5 miles in knee deep snow.

Search dogs located the little girls body 2.7 miles from were she set out. She was wearing a brown down coat, black shirt, pink pajama pants and tan snow boots.


I don’t understand people sometimes. Learn more about this story at

Just an observation…

Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Observation in faith...

Goodbye Santa, See ya next year.
Just and observation...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Craig’s Hero of the Week…

It’s Christmas day. No matter what your belief is, I think we can all agree, today is about giving. In my home we thank our God for giving his Son. This post is not about religion, but about giving and how that can make you a hero in our age and sad world. It is also about a confession; my confession. I am crippled by my own need for perfection. If it can’t be perfect, then why bother doing it. This has been my great epiphany this year. Eighty percent of ideal is better than one hundred percent of good intentions.

I started doing some things this year, like this and other blogs, knowing it wont be perfect or maybe not all that successful, but I am doing it. I am learning and meeting new friends that I would have otherwise never meet. So, here begins another of my observations. A subject that is dear to my heart but woefully underdeveloped, helping others. Thanks for following along and I look forward to your input and encouragement.

Krissy Todd is a business woman in the Orlando area. Krissy is a mother of three and a successful business owner. A couple of years ago she was approached by a homeless couple and troubled for a bottle of water. A man and his pregnant wife, homeless and begging for water will pull at anyone’s heart. Krissy knew she had to do more. According to the Orlando Sentinel, that is exactly what she did.

Todd became disenfranchised with the “System” while trying to help the couple. No doubt the system is broken. So, our hero set out circumvent the system and do what she could. She emailed friends and associates and went to work. It is said that she accomplished more in two and a half years than many non profits manage to do in a decade. She created the Hope foundation that now has over 250 volunteers, a 4,000 square foot thrift store called Sonshine Community Thrift Store, a pantry that now feeds 1,000 families a week, and a mobil medical clinic!

I look forward to getting to know this organization to see what I can do to help. I know the system is broken and fraught with waste and abuse. I can’t let that stop me. It’s not perfect I know, but there has to be a happy medium between begging for water for you pregnant wife and a perfect system.

Just an observation…

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

For Sale: Snow Torch $30,000…

Stupid is as stupid does…

Are you bothered by the frozen snow and ice on your deck? Want to thaw it out fast for that Holiday get together? Look no further! Introducing the Snow Torch!

Really, what could possibly go wrong? Well, let’s ask today’s hero, a New Bedford, Mass., gentleman who hooked up a blow torch to a propane cylinder and proceeded to melt ice on his back porch. According to fire Capt. Scott Kruger, our brainiac winner of the day, got too close to the building’s wood frame and ignited the vinyl siding. Then it quickly spread into the building’s second and third floor apartments.

It took 25 firefighters to put the blaze out. What a way to start Christmas week. See the story as it was reported on


Excuse me; I have to go put locks on all my propane tanks. I live in Florida and somebody is bound to think this was a good idea.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Just an observation…

Saturday, December 20, 2008

One second officer, let me grab some shorts…

I have said it once and I will say it again, you just can’t fix stupid. Ok, so I wasn’t the first to say it, nor did I make it a house hold phrase, but have truer words ever been spoken? Let’s take this 18 year old brainiac from Tampa, Florida. I know, there is no place like Florida to find blog material. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

This hero wont be winning any awards for boyfriend of the year, that’s for sure. He is accused of holding a pillow over his pregnant girlfriends head trying to suffocate her. I am not sure if he was trying to kill her or not but somehow she manages to call 911 and the cops show up. Did I mention the guy is butt naked when the cops show up? Listen up; this is where it gets interesting.

The cops inform mud for brains that he is under arrest. He reaches down and picks up a pair of shorts from the floor prompting the officers to search the pockets for weapons. According to, this is what they find. “The report said officers asked to search the shorts for weapons and found $506 wrapped around Burnett's driver license, a plastic bag of marijuana and a bag of crack cocaine.”


All those clothes on the floor, at least he didn’t grab the jeans with the rocket launcher in the back pocket.

Just an observation…

Friday, December 19, 2008

Got cash? Get smashed!

Now this is the bus to be on. Drinks, only $2 a pop. Is this just another sign of the troubled times we live in? Gas is down to less than $2 a gallon, why shouldn’t drinks go for a couple of bucks as well. But wait! There’s more!

It would seem difficult to get a seat on this bus with a valid ID, as they usually don’t let adults ride the middle school busses. According to this article from Click Orlando, three students from Ponus Ridge Middle School in Norwalk Connecticut robbed their parents liquor cabinet, grabbed some juice, ice tea, and Gatorade and setup bar on the bus.

In this case I guess $2 is not a bad price for them since their cost was nothing. Oh well, like I have said, these are tough times. You have to make money where you can.


Now excuse me, but I have to go home on check my liquor cabinet…

Just an observation…

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On a local note…

On a local note…

My favorite goto news site is I know this is an extremely local deal, but I have to say, I do not like the new website!!!!

What were you thinking? In what way was this better? was my staple for local news! You changed the site entirely and as far as I can see, not for the better. What is better???

I have fought very hard not to complain about the scroll down ads, because I get it, you have to make a buck too. I understand that change is the standard for all things internet, no really, I do. But this was too much. I can’t find CRAP now!


What’s up channel nine?

Just an observation…

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The death of social networking...

and other fun things we enjoy.

Just when social networking was beginning to get my curiosity up, BAM, some lawyer had to go and ruin it for everyone. I began my journey in social networking mostly just to keep an eye on what my kids were up to on the internet. Who knew they were having so much fun? First I got all set up with a Facebook page. After a year or so of a whole lot of nothing happening with that, I started getting some activity and friends. Maureen and I call them our virtual friends, since we don’t actually have drop by the house for a glass of ice tea friends. But I ramble…

Then I had this great idea for a blog. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to do it on Facebook, so I decided what I needed was a blog. My idea was to share my journey to get healthy by blogging about my walks that I take everyday. The nature I saw each time I went out was hard to keep to myself. I started searching for blogs about walks, nature, bird watching, and cholesterol. It didn’t take me long to find great example to model after and off I went.

Now I am a small, but happy, member of the online blogging community and I am loving it! Enter stage left, the lawyer.

Evidently, the home foreclosure crisis is not limited to the USA. An Australian couple, who recently defaulted on their home, was adept at avoiding the foreclosure notice. Not to be outdone the attorney for the bank petitioned the court to use Facebook to serve the legal documents to the couple. Talk about a superpoke! Read more about this story here.

That is right, they found out they had lost their home through their facebook page. So let this be a lesson to all. Know who you friend on facebook. We must lobby to keep government and lawyers out of our social circles, even if they are virtual.


Enjoy it while it last my friends…

Just and observation…

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Observations of Color and Light...

Just an observation,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A great Christmas read…

I have been struggling to find a blog worthy article this week. I know with all the craziness going on in the news, you would not think it would be that hard. Because of my hard headed nature, some may say a little stubborn, I wanted a positive observation for a change. After much digging through everything from our Florida governor’s extravagant European vacation to more bail outs for those who scarcely need it, I found a real jewel in one of the blogs I follow regularly.

David McMahon is an internationally published author and photographer. His blog, authorblog at, is a regular stop for me. I keep it in my google reader and look forward to his every post. Please pay him a visit and drop a comment.

Now to the story…..

In David’s post, Maybe Yule Be Touched By This Message, he tells us the story of a wonderful woman who was raised in an Bangalore orphanage and a convent by English nuns. No one can tell this story better than David, so here are the links to follow. Start here and be sure to follow through to the link for the feature article labeled “The Great Christmas Surprise”. If you have any trouble I have included the link to that site as well.

I am sure, like me, you will be moved by this simple truth about the holidays and life itself. Enjoy.

Just an observation,

Monday, December 8, 2008

Truant Daughter: Mom in Jail…

I just couldn’t resist commenting on this story from the Orlando Sentinel.,0,1487185.story

The bottom line is that the mom was put in jail because the child missed too many days of school. I certainly don’t pretend to know the circumstances of this arrest, but I have to ask myself, are we not empowering the child here? Let’s take the mom’s side here for a second. Obviously, the child is in a rebellious state of mind. Let’s assume that the mom did all the right things; did her best. The child just refuses to go. Now we put her in jail? I don’t get it. Why?

If she had physically forced the child to comply, would she not be put in jail for that as well? Why would the child not be put in juvenile detention? Trust me; I am all in with the argument that parents most often do enough or even do the right thing. Was this mom was counseled with options for making her child comply? What are our legal options to force a child to do something?

I fully understand sending parents to jail for abusing their kids. But, there is only so much power we have as parents. There are some things you just can’t make them do. So now the child has even more power. I will show you, not only will I not go to school, you will go to jail!

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Just an observation…

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where is the bail out money?

According to a resent article on the Orlando Sentinel:

“So many homes are in foreclosure in Orange County that elected leaders are preparing to spend another $1 million next year to mow grass and clear lots at abandoned homes.”,0,987631.story.

Please tell me it aint so!

If I do not mow my grass and clean my pool, you can bet your sweet bippy that the City will not hesitate to charge me or put a lean on my home, simply because I own it. So, when the bank seizes someone’s home because they can’t pay the extra $500 that snuck up on them after the first year or so, why is it not the banks responsibly to keep up the property they now own!

The poor homeowners were not bailed out! They were. You now have $700 BILLION dollars! Mow the GRASS!!! Throw some chemicals in the pool!!!

I am already paying to bail out the poor bank, now I have to mow their grass too!!!

Sorry for the outburst readers but this is just the sort of thing I started this blog for. Like the comic said, “you can’t fix stupid”, but I guess I can blog about it.

Just an observation...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How many security cameras are at OIA?

According to, “A Florida woman insists that she saw missing toddler Caylee Anthony over the summer at Orlando International Airport and the child even uttered her own name.”

See the complete story here:,2933,461348,00.html

I know everyone desperately wants to find little Caylee Anthony alive. Of course, I do too. In this case or tip, wouldn’t it be easy enough to monitor all of the cameras at the Orlando International Airport for the day in question? This just seems like a no brainer to me. We know exactly what time she claims to have seen her and what gate and flight she took.

I want to believe, but this just seems so easy to prove or disprove. My guess would be that this has already been done. It wasn’t her.

Just an observation…

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You have to be kidding me…

You have to be kidding me…

I hope you are sitting down when you read this one. The University of Central Florida is considering giving their kids a break on this whole smoking pot thing. That’s right; the rules are just too strict for using drugs. Now before all the pot heads get on their high horse and start preaching to me on the merits of smoking pot, here is the one undisputable fact, its illegal!

That’s not the worst part. This is not a pitch for pot; they actually think that this will be a good deterrent for binge drinking! I KNOW! Kids, I know you are not old enough to drink alcohol so instead of doing that we won’t punish you if you will smoke pot instead.

Here is the story from

Keep in mind here people most of these kids are not old enough to drink to start with. I am sorry, I don’t get it. What are we teaching these kids that will help them become responsible citizens when they get in the real world?

If you ask me, I say college is a privilege, not a right. I would think there are plenty of kids who would love to go to college and play by the rules, but simple don’t have the money. If you can’t play by the rules you should not be allowed the privilege. I am not saying take education away from kids, I am saying that learning responsibility is part of an education.

Here is my favorite quote from the article, “One freshman believes that the punishment for alcohol abuse should be more severe.” Good news bad news, one of these kids gets it, bad news, only ONE. Good for you kid. Stay sober and stay in school.

Just an observation…


Monday, December 1, 2008

In these troubled times….

In these troubled times….

I know that there are a lot of people hurting right now. Jobs are tough to come by, money is tight, and now we are being told that we are officially in a recession. Tough times no doubt, but this whole thing has me shaking my head and wondering, what is going on? I am so fortunate to have a home to live in and groceries on the table, so I had to ask myself, how have these tough times affected me?

The first thing I could think of is how the poor oil companies were suffering and had to raise the price of gas to almost $5 a gallon. It seems that whatever drove there cost up over the last year was fixed. Gas is now back down to less than $2. Did oil drums get cheaper? I don’t know and I am no expert but it seems odd to me that for no reason at all I can fill up my tank for less than half what it cost just a few short months ago. Hummm, I am going to go with GREED, on this one.

Another big heartache on America these days seems to be the tragedy of foreclosures. Again, not an expert, but isn’t it funny that banks reinvented their products to get more money on the books by cooking up financing so more people could sign up for loans they had no hope in being able to pay, but not to worry, here’s $700 billion. Not for the people who were conned into these hopeless loans, but for the banks. I guess I will have to go with GREED, again.

Was it just me or did I just see where we had the president of the United States take time out of his busy day and pardon a turkey and then put him in a first class seat to Disney Land? I am sure that was cheap.

I see where we about to spend 1.8 Million to move the shuttle from California to Florida. They couldn’t wait one more day for the weather to clear?

In these troubled times I am again amazed at how Americans had to line up 48 hours before black Friday to spend there $340 Billion dollars for groceries, no wait… I mean healthcare…. no wasn’t that either…., oh well you get my point. Tough times….

Just an observation…